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Group Courses

You have the option to choose between the following curriculums and organization types offered by SFCI.

  1. Our “Executive / Business Group courses“
    The Executive / Business seminars are limited to a number of participants usually three to eight students. They are made familiar with the business language of other countries and train together how to present themselves in meetings and presentations.
    The participants should have an advanced language knowledge. Nevertheless is there the option for a beginners course , if requested ,just contact us by email for further information.
    Of course ,the combination of teaching one on one to uncover lacks of knowledge and to intensify the already trained is possible .
  2. Our “Standard -and Business Package“
    These SFCI courses have a duration of 40 teaching units. These courses provide the participants with the everyday language of different countries. This main part is combined with additional business language to acquire further knowledge in your profession.
    These courses also require an advanced proficiency , but on request we can offer these courses for beginners ,if needed.