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BUSINESS-language courses (Individual and Group courses)

Many of our customers find themselves in the situation to have to learn a foreign language as soon as possible or they would like to refresh their knowledge in a certain time frame prior to a career advancement.

SFCI offers courses in English, French, Italian and Spanish (further languages on request), directed for an intensive specific learning with four to six teaching units a week. The educational material is prepared followed by an individual categorization and adjusted for your personal requirements.

In a group or single: Which type achieves the best result does not only depend on how you prefer to learn but also on how much you are willing to invest in your career.

In most cases the single course is the most efficient way to reach the desired faculty of speech in the intended time frame. There you have the chance to adjust the intenseness and the course topics exactly to your personal needs.

Our group courses are less expensive and you have the advantage to practise and discuss within a group your daily work tasks.

Also the atmosphere to be in a group is for many people very motivating. Generally the groups are limited to a number of participants.

Of course ,you can choose a combination of single and group courses to use the advantages of both , just get in touch with us via email.